Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Day 2: Windows 2003 R2 & Vista 5270 CTP Working

Yesterday, I was in the throws of installing...first SUSE 10, then VMware Server. I started Windows Vista and was able to finish it today. A couple of quirks on reboot of the VM but booting into Safe mode without loading 32 bit drivers initially seemed to help. I installed Windows 2003 R2 flawlessly today as well. However, running these two simultaneously is problematic probably due to my lack of memory...only 1GB. I'll play around tomorrow (assuming I have the time) and see if I can make any adjustments there. Otherwise, it's truly sweet.

So far I've read several items about how VMware is distinguishing the various products. I'd really like to know once VMware Server is out of beta and free, what the most compelling reason is to continue to pay for VMware Workstation? Chip Hammond at VMware claims it's "VMware Server has no support for multiple snapshots or team functionality" but is that enough? I'm checking on the Snapshot piece too because it's there...just haven't tested it.

Stay tuned.


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