Thursday, September 21, 2006

Vizioncore's got VMware's back | InfoWorld | Review | 2006-09-21 | By Paul Venezia

From the article:
The backup and restore process itself is the very model of simplicity. Armed with the root credentials to the VMware servers and administration rights to Virtual Center, esxRanger’s backup method is straightforward: It creates a snapshot of the target server and then leverages tar and gzip to collect and compress the snapshots and the VMDK (VM Disk Format) hardware configuration file for the target VM into an SSH connection between the ESX or VI3 server and the workstation. From there, the resulting tarball is placed onto the destination medium, whether it is a local disk, a SAN, or a simple Windows share. Alternatively, the backup may be directly placed on a file system mounted on the VMware server, be that a SAN LUN (logical unit number) or an NFS file system.


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