Friday, April 21, 2006

Why not VMware, Cisco?

Yesterday I attended a seminar sponsored by Nortel and a presentation by Cisco at our Carolina Cisco Users Group monthly meeting. Both meetings focused on IP telephony. However, neither one of these mentioned virtualization of any kind. I was disappointed despite knowing hearing the "v" word from these vendors would be a longshot. So let me tell you where I thought I needed to hear it and how Cisco specifically is missing the boat.

I've helped build our Cisco infrastructure over the past six years and VoIP has been part of the growth we've experienced. Specifically, the Cisco Unified CallManager needs to be able to grow with the enterprise. Virtualization is the best way to make this happen. Not only could it provide more resources to the servers needed to run their software, it could simplify deployment by Cisco providing a VM guest pre-built and configured correctly. Quick deployments, redundancy and backups are all addressed in this scenario. Right now, we're stuck in the physical world. Please consider this change, Cisco. It only makes sense.

I'm anxious to see what kind of partnerships between Cisco and VMware may develop in the future. I've heard we need to keep our eyes open for some.


At Wed Jul 11, 06:55:00 AM 2007, Anonymous fropert said...

For Your Information, the freshly created French Cisco Users Group has released a VMWARE test environment around Cisco PIX firewall and Cisco routers.
You can check this at



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