Monday, August 29, 2005

AC/OS: Apology to VMware

Novell evangelist Matt Asay isn't all down on VMware. He clarifies his interview about Xen and its relationship to open source. Roundup Use VMKFSTOOLS instead of cp

VMware ESX Server VMXfile Backup Utility
-- This one is ideal for an environment like mine. It allows for bringing up server on a 2nd ESX server if the first one is unavailable. Having the vmx files is really all you need since the vmdk files live on the SAN.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Technology Innovation Accelerated Award Won By VMware

They won in the Data Center category. See Intel's press release. Also, the X41 Thinkpad took the top prize and three awards.

Monday, August 22, 2005

VMware Workstation 5.5 Beata-WinBeta.Org

Read about it and download the beta trial. No better way to get your feet virtually wet.

VMware sends in the clones to ease testing | InfoWorld | Review | 2005-08-22 | By Victor R. Garza

Nice review of VMware Workstation 5. I agree with all his highlights.

I'd like to note here that I'm running my main desktop as a VM now. I used the P2V utility to take my actual desktop and virtualize it. It's very close in response to the original and I love the flexibility of being able to more easily switch between OS's. I still rely on my host PC for multimedia applications like streaming radio but overall, this is a nice arrangements. I'll certainly be commenting on this as I continue to work in a virtual world.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Virtual PC Guy's WebLog : Multiple monitors with virtual machines via MaxiVista

Virtual PC Guy highlights this interesting product. You should be able to run multiple guest sessions and extend their monitors. I think I'll try it in my virtual environment.

EMC to buy virtualization specialist Rainfinity | InfoWorld | News | 2005-08-17 | By China Martens, IDG News Service

EMC bought VMware and continues its virtualization expansion with this acquisition.

Industry Discussion on Virtualization

Cisco's provided a podcast on virtualization and how its changing things. The synopsis says:
Cisco Systems, Inc. hosted a live Webcast discussion between industry and policy leaders, as well as the media, to examine the impact virtuality and technology innovation can have on all sectors of the U.S. economy and society. Participants highlighted examples of how technology and the virtual world are transforming the way we work, live, play and learn. Cisco also hosted a series of events to demonstrate virtualization through technology innovation including the first-ever virtual opening and closing of the NASDAQ Stock Market Site from Cisco's headquarters in San Jose, Calif.

Monday, August 15, 2005 Summer 2005 virtualization round-up has been off for a few months but now it's back with a summary of this summer's virtualization news.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Virtualization is the way ahead - Computerworld

Virtualization is the way ahead - Computerworld

The efficiencies gained from virtualizing are self-evident to anyone who has tried it. I recently migrated physical servers to virtual servers on VMware's ESX offering. Now I run about 16 servers in this virtual environment and find the true use of these guest servers' resources incredible. My host servers, two Dell PowerEdge 2850's with dual 3.2Ghz Pentium IV Xeons and 8GB of memory, can host even more. We spike our resources to around 80% on occasion during the day but that's only for a few minutes. I know we can keep going with the guest OS's. And each time we add one, we gain more efficiencies.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Enterprise Systems | Microsoft's Virtualization Moves Still Lag

Microsoft's Virtualization Moves Still Lag

Can Microsoft offer a more compelling product by 2008? Thankfully I didn't have to wait for the technology.

Etymology of 'hypervisor' surfaces | Between the Lines |

Etymology of 'hypervisor'

Very interesting history of a term we'll see more and more of as the VMware competition heats up.

VMware to Add Support for Paravirtualized Linux and Solaris x86 Operating Systems

VMware to Add Support for Paravirtualized Linux and Solaris x86 Operating Systems

More OS flavors, more fun!

Using Virtual Server 2005 at Microsoft IT - the webcast

John Howard : Using Virtual Server 2005 at Microsoft IT - the webcast

Watch it to hear the why's...then use VMware. (So far Microsoft doesn't have anything to compete with ESX if you're consolidating servers, consider the power of ESX)

CRN: Virtualization Big At LinuxWorld

Virtualization Big At LinuxWorld

It just keeps getting bigger. There is a lot of momentum for the technology. I'm caught up in the flood. My story is coming.

VMware on Sun

Sun to Resell VMware Goods

Finally something good to run on a Sun box.

VMware Will Charge Per Socket for Dual Core

VMware will charge per socket for dual core, not per Oracle. Cheaper price for licensing, more power. It's a good move.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Gizmodo shows us MacIntel in a VMware Session

Gizmodo shares a shot of OSX in a VMware session. I'm afraid other pictures are gone from the Fickr site linked to

VMWare Opens Virtualization Wares

It's been big news yesterday and today. VMware hopes to get ahead of the game before Microsoft or Xen can get a foothold. Here's some more coverage from c|net.

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