Wednesday, September 07, 2005

VMware Download: P2V Assistant 2.1 Beta

VC pdt mgr has this to say about the product...
The product called VMware P2V Assistant is comprised of two pieces, the bootCD and the Assistant. In this release, we've added significant new hardware support and functionality to the BootCD.

VMware P2V bootCD enhancements:

- Improved hardware support with new Linux 2.6 kernel: Specifically focused on ensuring a broad and stable level of support for storage (IDE, SCSI, and hardware RAID) and networking (10/100 and gigabit Ethernet) devices.

- Full-featured graphical desktop interface: The P2V bootCD now automatically boots into a network-enabled, full-featured graphical desktop interface upon startup.

Based on the Linux Live CD distribution Knoppix 3.8.1, this release includes all the tools you'd expect to have on a full desktop OS installation, including web browser support, graphical tools for configuring and setting up disks and network devices, and much more.

- Hardware Support Customizer tool: To ensure the P2V bootCD works reliably across hardware that isn't explicitly recognized by the hardware support database shipped with the product, we've developed a graphical tool to allow customers to add their own hardware to the list of recognized devices.


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